2D Fitting Room

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  • Choose customization for fitting, display graphics, etc.
  • stand in your web cam and with the wave of your hand or with a marker, fit the clothing to you
  • scroll through clothing choices and try them on
  • take a picture or video and engage social media to get friends opinions while you shop
  • add choices to shopping cart or favorites lists
  • pre-load mix and match options for wardrobe builders

Products used with this technology:

  • Glasses & Hats
  • Jewelery & Accessories
  • Lingerie & Bathing Suits
  • Clothing of all Kinds
3D Fitting Room2D ApplicationsMix&Match

Did You Know?

8% of Retail Sales in 2014 will be online sales up from 6% in 2010

42% of all Retail Sales are affected by the web with consumers researching their purchase online

17% year over year Growth of Online Sales of Apparel, Accessories and Footwear

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